Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Okay I am still alive!

Sorry it has been way to long since I have checked in, but sometimes I think my life is just way to boring to write about! This past year has been a year of many ups and downs, one of the biggest has been my step dad, Dale, being diagnosed with cancer. This has affected me in ways I can not even begin to express. This wonderful man came into our lives about a year and half after my dad died. He has made sure my mom was present at the births of both of my children, he has loved my boys as only a grandpa could and he loves my mom! Dale is one of my best friends, I can talk to him about anything and he loves me unconditionally. When he got sick, we all thought it was just a small tumor, which soon turned out to be full blown cancer. He has faced Chemo head on without any complaint, a severe infection, and he does not complain. He is the glue that holds us all together. I am very blessed that Mike and Dale love to hang out together and have so much in common, he has truly taught Mike many lessons in the last 15 years. I say all this to say, that I adore this man and I pray everyday that he will continue to grow old with my mom. He is truly her prince. I am very sad to see him be sick, but his attitude is so awesome.
I have no idea why I felt it was important to share this with you all, but he has really been on my mind and heart today!! Thanks for letting me share.
Now on to add to my list:
1. Lose 40 pounds before I turn 40
2. Join the gym
3. Read a book every month
4. Let go of somethings that I can not change
5. Forgive
6. send birthday cards
7. Take dance lessons
8. Go to Savannah with my husband!
9. spend time with my parents
10. Go on a hike and not die!

11. splurge on an I Phone!! Done!!! And I love it!!

12. spend more time with my friends

13. make sure my friends know how much they mean to me.

14. start writing a book (I have no idea what it will be about)

15. have more patience

16. Spend more time with my boys by themselves.

17. Eat something new tried cavier and it was yuck!!!

18. Start bike riding

19. Write my sister a letter to let her know how I feel.

20. Come to some peace with things that I have carried with me for 17.5 year
21. Leave a big tip at a restaurant.
22. Surprise someone
23. treat myself to a day of pampering
24. see a movie a month
25. Go on a mission trip
26. go on a picnic with my husband
27. Spend more time scrapbooking
28. Make it through the rest of the school year with out a snow day (we have used 9 so far)
29. Learn more about Aspergers
30. fly to MN and spend sometime with my favorite girls (abby and Lydia and Kim)
more to come..................


  1. I enjoyed reading about Dale and will continue to pray for his healing. This made me miss Andrea something awful. I too pray that he will grow old with your mom. Keep me posted!

  2. Thank you Leslie!! I don't know what made me share that tonight, I just have really been thinking and praying for him!! Love ya! JD